Sochin Limited is an advisory firm sought after by individuals and organizations when they need to solve challenges in strategic communication, reputation management, and public policy.


The Post-Truth World

Recent technological and cultural changes have inaugurated a hyper-connected world that is characterized by a highly contested and unmediated information space. 

As the level of noise increases daily around the globe, it is becoming more difficult to communicate effectively, shape agendas or behaviors, and manage reputations. 

In short, we live in a post-truth world that requires increasingly sophisticated communication tactics and strategies.


“Your reputation is an asset that can enhance your competitive position and generate greater impact.”

— Noah W. Miller


Our Approach

Navigating this complex information space requires deep analytical capabilities and an understanding of the motivations of a complex web of stakeholders. After we have thoroughly studied a client assignment and the market environment, we craft evidence-based strategies and campaigns that ensure the reputation of your business, your brand, your organization, or your country reflects what you are seeking to achieve.